Spa Day


This set includes: LED Device, Sonic Scrubbing Brush, Eye Magic, Hyaluronic Acid, Mini Peel, Enzyme Polish, Vitamin C, Charcoal Mask, Rejuvenation Mask, and Brightening Mask.


Step 1 - Cleanse face with Sonic Brush and Enzyme Polish.
Step 2 - Pat dry.
Step 3 - Lucce Bee LED Device and select your option.
Step 3 - Apply 1 of the 3 masks or the Mini Peel depending on desired skin conditions.
Step 4 - Apply Vitamin C.
Step 5 - Apply Hyaluronic and Peptide.
Step 6 - Apply Eye Magic.

Step 7
 - Relax and Enjoy your day!

*$704.00+tax if purchased individually. $492.80+tax Set price.

Note: The Lucce Bee LED Device is a highly affective technology. Please follow instructions and keep moving in the direction suggested. Do not leave the Lucce Bee LED Device to rest on the skin. If at any time the device is too hot, move to your next area of treatment.

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